Dalbox Access

DalBox Access is a Dalhousie Sandbox (DalBox) program being offered to support Universities Canada’s IDeA Accessibility Challenge (https://bit.ly/2OZ6LSu). Following Human Centred Design Thinking and embracing Social Innovation, this program involves DalBoxes supporting and mentoring of multidisciplinary student teams toward the development of solutions for persons with disabilities. Partnering with Universities Canada, this program aligns with the post-secondary schedule, starting in late October 2020 and culminating with submissions in April 2021. There are no limits on the number of teams who can submit and there are financial awards to winners and trips to the awards ceremony (if COVID restrictions allow).


DalBox Access Interns will meet once a week (Tuesdays from 2-3pm) for a seminar and then throughout the week with their teammates. DalBox Interns will receive a $1000 bursary upon program completion, in April 2021.  

Check out past IDeA winners here.

Interested in being a DalBox Access Intern? 

Check out the internship package with how to apply here.


Please note: The application deadline has been extended to

January 6, 2020.


Attitudinal/Systemic Barriers

Apartment Building

Architectural/Design Barriers


Technological/Communication Barriers

Online Workshop

Virtual Learning and Distance Education Barriers